Bid Number Description Selected Bidder Executive Summary 
Ref: W/RFQ/OngweTC-06/2019/20 Repair and Servicing of the Cooling Container Moshipya Building Construction cc Executive Summary_Servicing of the Cooling Container
Ref: G/ONB/OngweTC-14/2019/20 Installation and Testing of Wired /IP Based CCTV Rough Beatz Trading cc Executive Summary_CCTV Surveillance System
Ref: G/ONB/OngweTC-11/2019/20 Supply and Delivery of Printing & Stationery Pewah Investments cc Executive Summary_Printing and Stationeries
Ref: W/ONB/OngweTC-10/2019/20 Repair and Maintenance of  Fire Station Parking Bay Doors None Executive Summary_Fire Station Parking Bay Doors
Ref: NCS/ONB/OngweTC-11/2019/20 Bids for the Garden Refuse Removal from Service Area E Ndemuunda Investments cc Executive Summary_Garden Refuse Removal from Service Area E
Ref: NCS/ONB/OngweTC-21/2019/20 Driving and Impounding of Stray Animals Ipumbu Elim Investment cc Executive Summary_Impounding of Stray Animals
Ref: W/RFQ/OngweTC-07/2019/20 Supply and Installation of Shade nets at the Carwash The Farm Investment cc Executive Summary_Installation of Shadenets at the Carwash
Ref: NCS/ONB/OngweTC-14/2019/20 Provision of Professional Newspaper Media Services Namibia Media Holdings and New Era Publication Corporation Executive Summary_Newspaper Media Servicess
Ref: W/ONB/OngweTC-05/2019/20 Expansion Rehabilitation of the Oxidation Ponds- Phase None Executive Summary_Oxidation Ponds Phase 4
Ref: G/ONB/OngweTC-10/2019/20 Supply and Delivery of Pipes and Pipe Fittings Not selected. Executive Summary_Pipes and Pipe Fittings
Ref: G/ONB/OngweTC-12/2019/20 Supply and Delivery of Printing & Stationeries Kretuva Investment cc and Star Comets Trading cc Executive Summary_Printing and Stationeries
Ref: W/RFQ/OngweTC-08/2019/20 Maintenance of Gravel Roads Truth Investment cc Executive Summary_Regravelling