Consultants & Public Private Partnerships

The Town Council realised the importance of supporting and engaging locally based institution sand entities through bottom-up approaches that complement the mainstream services of Council. In addition, the increasing globalisation of the economy and changing technologies opened new markets and avenues that the leadership of the town continue to explore to diversify and enhance the local economic prospect of the town.

The following are some networks and LED initiatives that the Town Council has sussesfully forged and continue to maintain by way of Public Private Partnerships.

Through the Treaty of Friendship with the City of Lommel, Belgium; the Ongwediva Open Market was developed.

Through the Treaty of Friendship and program support from with USAID and other donor agencies, the Sam Nujoma Multi-Purpose Centre is currently fully operational.

Through a joint venture with the Ministry of Trade & Industry, the Ongwediva Trade Centre was developed.

Through consultations with the Ministry of Trade & Industry, the David Shikomba Business Park was developed.

Through a joint venture with the business community, the Ongwediva Medi-Park Private Hospital was developed.

In addition to investment opportunities (which resulted in job creations for the residents) brought up by stakeholders through several developments, the Town Council also highly contributes to the expansion of the local economy by way of out-sourcing some of it’s key functions to local entrepreneurs and organizations. These are projects such as the cleaning of the town, collection and removal of waste; the impounding of stray animal in and around the town, construction, rehabilitation and maintenance of roads infrastructure, electricity reticulation infrastructure, water and sewerage reticulation infrastructure and storm drainage reticulation infrastructure.