Centre for the future Metropolitan area for Northern Namibia

The mandate of Ongwediva Town Council is: “To provide services infrastructure and municipal services and to develop and/or facilitate the establishment of public amenities and to create a conducive environment for social economic development”.

The socio – economic transformation programs of Ongwediva Town Council are derived from its strategic plan as described by the four strategic themes namely:
⦁ Sound Financial Management,
⦁ Good Co-operate Governance and operational excellence,
⦁ Social and Economic Development,
⦁ Sustainable Human Settlement Development.

With global trends of rapid economic growth and urbanization taking root in Ongwediva; projects and administration strategies with direct relationship to the changing times, cultural and ideological values and norms of the society were vigorously pursued to systematically transform informal business activities into meaningful socio and economic urban activities.

Mission Statement

We commit ourselves to: Deliver services with utmost level of professionalism. Promote Investment & Local Economic Development, Improve Safety & Social Welfare of the community. 

Vision Statement

To be leading urban center in Namibia that is built on quality municipal services and promotes sustainable local economic development.